Sunday, 16 June 2013

Smash tournament? Science centre? Yup.

So on saturday I went to Impulse videogame tournament with my boyfriend. He wanted to go to one last tourney to see everyone before he quit. Originally we both just got spectator passes since we were only going for saturday and he couldn't complete in singles since that was sunday, but one of his friends doubles partner bailed so he filled in. Let's saay, since he hasn't played in over a year it wasn't the best.. but they didn't completely fail! It was nice seeing everyone again since  I havn't seen any of them since the tourney in Michigan in November. I also met a lot of new people which was nice.

Today didn't go as planned. We intentionally intended to go to the zoo, but when we woke up it was raining. So we checked the weather and sure enough it said it was gonna thunderstorm aallll day. Off to the science center we went instead. About an hour later.. it stopped raining and it wasn't seen again all day. It was quite upsetting as I was really excited to see the pandas but, they will be there for more time to come. At the science center they had a videogame room with over 150 playable games with everything imaginable! It was so much fun, kinda like a free giant arcade. After that we went to the IMAX and saw born to be wild. It talked about two females one who took care of orphaned elephants and another who cared for orphaned orangutans and then returned them to the wild when they were capable of taking care of themselves in the wild. Later we grabbed lunch and wandered around all the exhibits until it was time to go home. All in all it was a good weekend and hopefully more adventures to come!

Pictures soon!

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